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We sell Current Vintages, Close Outs, Past Vintages, Package Changes and Excess Inventories.
    *We find wonderful wines.
    *Source from Napa, Sonoma, and throughout CA, OR and WA. We also source imports.

We deliver private/control/exclusive wines.
    *We have delivered the Kirkland Brand.
    *We deliver Control Labels for Whole Foods and CPWM.
    *If we receive an order by 1:30, we can deliver the West Coast the next business day.


We Sell and/or Clear Wine with our licenses in CA, OR, WA and OH.
  *We can deliver trucks/containers to Retailer Warehouses/Depots.
  *We can deliver consolidated pallets to Retailers.
  *We deliver single cases of wine anywhere on the West Coast.


We work with a Clearing Distributor Network that Covers the Country.
  *We can create a Local, Regional or National Distribution Model.
  *We provide a set Transaction Fee.
  *We provide the Compliance and Logistics for Distribution through the Network.


We provide a set Transaction Fee for Consolidation and Sale from the 1st tier, through the 2nd tier and delivered to the 3rd tier.
    *Transaction Fee consist of Freight Expense, Excise Taxes and 
      Clearing Fees.
         *Freight Expense is Drayage, Inter and Intra-State Delivery.
         *Excise Taxes are set by the State.
         *Clearing Fees are charged to for the Licensing and provide revenue over 
           Supply Chain Expenses.

We are Veteran Owned
    *Douglas was in the United States Navy 10/87 – 9/95
    *VFW –Desert Shield/Storm
    *SCVOSB and DVBE Certified


Please contact us for a quote or if you have any questions:


Call: (707) 486-4230

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